First day of Oral Argument about “Obamacare”

April 9, 2012
This morning’s first of three days of oral argument on the constitutionality of the Health Care Reform Act a/k/a/ “Obamacare” — is already available on line.
Both the transcript and the oral recording (in various formats) are available through the Supreme Court website at

Becoming a foster parent in Indiana

June 14, 2010

A good overview of the process of becoming a foster parent in Indiana. If you are considering adopting, and don’t know where to start, or you are not sure about the long term committment, becoming a foster parent may help you understand and decide.

Tidbits for Indiana Parents Adopting Foreign Children

June 1, 2010

Many parents are adopting children from foreign countries. Often the adoption must be completed in the home country before the family can leave together permanently. Once the family returns to the US, some states allow “re-adoption” of the child. Indiana law does not allow or require “re-adoption”, but does allow the registration of a foreign adoption.

The act of registering the adoption in Indiana has the same force and effect as if the adoption decree were made in the State of Indiana. The adopted person has the same rights and is capable of taking by inheritance, upon the death of the adoptive parent, property located in Indiana, as though the person had been adopted according to the laws of Indiana.

How to avoid having the department of Child Services knock on your door

May 20, 2010

The key is to be sure your child has what he needs  – safe stable housing including working utilities, proper education and supervision, that his medical needs are met, and that he has food to eat.

Take a class on parenting.  Best to do this before you have a child.  Some classes are free  through local community groups.  You will learn how to understand what your child needs at different ages and stages of growth.

Be sure to get prenatal care and be sure to take your child to the doctor for scheduled check ups, shots, and when he is not feeling well.

If yo need assistance with food or rent, contact your township trustte’s office, a local food pantry, a local church, shelter or other organization that can get you connected to local assistance.   Once you are back on your feet, be sure to return the favor by donating to the organization that helped you.

April 6, 2010

Foster children in state (DCS) funded foster care in Indiana have a right to visit with siblings 

 A foster child, a foster parent, or a guardian ad litem or court appointed special advocate can request the Department of Child Services set up a visitation schedule. 

 The sibling does not also need to be in foster care.  

 The Department of Child Services is required by law to make reasonable efforts to promote sibling visitation for any child in foster care funded by the Department of Child Services. 

 If the Department of Child Services will not allow the requested visitation, the foster child’s guardian ad litem or court appointed special advocate may file a petition asking the court to allow the sibling visitation.  

 If there is no guardian ad litem, the court may appoint one if the foster child requests sibling visitation. 

 If the court decides sibling visitation is in the best interests of the foster child, the court shall order sibling visitation and establish a visitation schedule.