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How to avoid having the department of Child Services knock on your door

May 20, 2010

The key is to be sure your child has what he needs  – safe stable housing including working utilities, proper education and supervision, that his medical needs are met, and that he has food to eat.

Take a class on parenting.  Best to do this before you have a child.  Some classes are free  through local community groups.  You will learn how to understand what your child needs at different ages and stages of growth.

Be sure to get prenatal care and be sure to take your child to the doctor for scheduled check ups, shots, and when he is not feeling well.

If yo need assistance with food or rent, contact your township trustte’s office, a local food pantry, a local church, shelter or other organization that can get you connected to local assistance.   Once you are back on your feet, be sure to return the favor by donating to the organization that helped you.